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eCADSTAR eliminates design constraints for progressive global energy company

EA Technology, an independent provider of end-to-end power engineering solutions, has a ground-breaking mission. To improve the networks globally to accelerate the transition to energy decarbonisation.

 Already a world-leader in the services they offer and the products they produce, EA technology continues to find ways to improve their processes, their operations and their efficiencies. By embracing change and driving innovation they are rewarded with the opportunities that this brings. These rewards are passed on to their customers, our societies and the environment.

Looking to upgrade their design software, they approached Quadra to move to eCADSTAR.

The forward-thinking company recognised the benefits of this upgrade as the products being designed by their PCB engineers were becoming more complex.


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 EA Technology, headquartered in Chester, is recognised globally as a leader in their field; enhancing the performance of power networks and providing clients with tailored asset management solutions. 

EA Technology and eCADSTAR

Investing in change

Investing in change

EA technology is able to benefit from eCADSTAR’s high speed automated and assistive functionalities in an easy to use environment such as PCB design editor, library editor, schematics editor and design rule checking.

This innovative internet-connected PCB design platform combines all the power of EDA software with the flexibility of the internet. 

Electronic Design Automation

Electronic Design Automation

Graham Poll, CAD Consultant at EA Technology said, “When we started looking at upgrading our PCB design software, our other development department in Poland were using Altium.

We evaluated Altium and other packages, but eCADSTAR felt the right option for us with its enhanced features and internet-connected library functionality, as well as the responsive support and training from Quadra.”


Support to Transition to eCADSTAR

Support to Transition to eCADSTAR

To make sure that EA Technology is making the most out of this platform, an experienced eCADSTAR trainer from Quadra visited their head office to deliver support and guidance to eight of their PCB design engineers. 

Quadra’s knowledge of the PCB industry is unrivalled, and they pride themselves in the flexible service they extend to all of their customers.

What EA Technology have to say about eCADSTAR

“Our engineers were impressed with the new look and feel to eCADSTAR. The library search is a real strength of the software. It will help limit the amount of time spent searching for parts and help streamline our workflows. Ongoing technical support was also a major decision-making factor. By having access to a vastly experienced technical support team available whenever required, helps our team move forward quickly and efficiently whilst getting to grips with a new tool,” 

Graham Poll, CAD Consultant. EA Technology

“Being able to access the libraries with such ease gives more time to create and check our designs. This helps us to limit the amount of changes and amends that are required further downstream in the design process. The training delivered by Quadra was really engaging and it was both enjoyable and enlightening. I feel confident that my newly gained eCADSTAR knowledge will help me deliver projects more efficiently moving forward”

Sam Russell, PCB Designer. EA Technology

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