Showcase to inventor 2017-

If you’re missing Showcase, help is at hand

“Help, I’m using Product/Factory Design Suite/Collection 2018, but I don’t have Showcase 2018”

With the introduction of the 2018 release of Autodesk Collections, Showcase has been dropped, but fear not there is light at the end of the tunnel…

All you need to do is install Inventor 2017 R4

R4 introduces additional ‘AnyCAD’ functionality which allows Inventor 2017 to reference Inventor 2018 files.

It’s as easy as A B C ( D )

Showcase to inventor 2017-

  1. Create a new assembly in Inventor 2017, this will be the container file.
  2. Use ‘Place Component’ to place the Inventor 2018 part or assembly you wish to render in ‘Showcase’.
  3. Save the 2017 assembly.
  4. Open the Inventor 2017 assembly in Showcase 2017.

Voila – Your Inventor 2018 data opened in Showcase 2017.

Click here to install Inventor 2017 R4

As the ‘AnyCAD’ technology is associative, any modifications made in the Inventor 2018 model will filter through into Showcase, just make sure that once you’ve changed the original 2018 file you open the 2017 ‘container’ assembly and save it, this will signal to Showcase that the scene needs to be updated.

For assistance with the solution above please contact the support team on 01254 301888 or If you do not currently have an active support contract with us please speak to the sales team for details on the benefits of Quadra Assurance.

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