CADSTAR Applications Engineer Damian Holland joins Quadra

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Damian Holland, Quadra's new CADSTAR Application Engineer
Damian Holland, Quadra’s new CADSTAR Application Engineer

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In May, the CADSTAR team gained a new member in the form of Damian Holland, who comes to us with over 26 years of experience within the electronics industry.  Here is an interview with the newest member of the team.

So, Damian tell me a little bit about yourself?

I started with Quadra about 5 weeks ago as CADSTAR Applications Engineer, where I will be providing comprehensive support, demonstrations and training for the CADSTAR suite of PCB design tools.

Previous to this I have spent the majority of my 26 years in industry as a PCB designer. This experience means that I am not only very familiar with the challenges and changes within the industry but also means I am knowledgeable of not only the design environment but also the manufacturing and operational facets of the industry too. Outside of work I have young family, which keep me busy and I enjoy getting out and spending time with them.

Lovely, so tell me a bit more about the PCB design work you have done in the past?

The bulk of my experience within the electronics industry has been in the low cost, high tech, high volume consumer electronics sector. I started out at a small independent R&D facility in West Yorkshire called Eldon. A small hive of considerable expertise born out of Baird TV, Eldon designed analogue satellite receivers, CRT Televisions, screens for ATM’s and the occasional security product. The company was eventually bought by US giant EchoStar, which proved to be a shrewd move as the first STB design for them ended up deploying 6M+ units in the field, with a very low field failure rate.

As the company developed I took the opportunity to work within the operations team, where I managed changes to mass production products, assessing risk and relaying impact to all the relevant stakeholders. A great learning opportunity for me but I am happy to be returning to where my expertise is most suited.

How will your previous experience help with your new role at Quadra?

Well, having worked with a wide array of other design tools and across a number of different industries, I will be able to call on that experience to help advise and support our customers. I am looking forward to working alongside them to understand the challenges they are facing and find solutions that work.

What do believe are the biggest challenges facing this industry in the future?

Certainly, in the ‘electronics’ industry ‘time to market’ is always an issue, as I am sure most people operating in the industry know all too well. However, I do see a growing demand for end to end, pre-and post simulation that is fully integrated into one user interface. That, and being able to seamlessly operate on different platforms at the same time, but I appreciate the complexity this creates!

Is there anything further you want to achieve in your career?

At the moment, I am working hard to familiarise myself with our customer base and get right up to speed with the latest release of CADSTAR. I’m looking forward to making a really positive contribution to the team here at Quadra and to continue to build on our excellent customer relationships.

Looking further to the future, I am keen to take my IPC CID Certified Interconnect Designer Training which will further endorse my knowledge and act as a stamp of authenticity for my experience.

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