Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling Training

12 - 15 Mar | 9 - 12 Apr | 14 - 17 May | 11 - 14 June | 9 - 12 July | 13 - 16 August | 10 - 13 Sept | 8 - 11 Oct | 12 - 15 Nov | 10 - 13 Dec

This Autodesk Inventor training course covers the fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design, assembly design, and creating production-ready part and assembly drawings using Autodesk Inventor. Delegates learn how to capture design intent by using the proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating intelligent 3D parametric parts, creating, placing, and constraining custom and standard components in an assembly and simulating mechanisms, animating assembly designs, and checking for interferences.

Delegates will also learn how to document their designs using base, projected, section, detail, and isometric drawing views, document assemblies using standard and exploded drawing views and follow drafting standards, while dimensioning and annotating drawing views with automated balloons and parts lists. Hands-on exercises representing real-world, industry-specific design scenarios are included.

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"This course was excellent with a great deal of information imparted. The course materials and industry specific examples made this a thoroughly worthwhile course."

Lead Engineer

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