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Your success matters to us and when issues arise we are an extension of your technical team. You will get real-time support, comprehensive product documentation, and training videos to assist you. Whether you need online, phone, or face-to-face support, we have the resources to help you be successful.

Technical Expertise

The design team at Quadra have a wealth of experience in PCB design, engineering and manufacturing encompassing a wide range of industries and technologies. By employing the services of our bureau you are effectively exposing your project to all this knowledge and expertise.

The services provided by Quadra are designed to ensure that our professionals become a part of your team, integrating seamlessly with your design process.

We will work closely with the people responsible for PCB design at your company. Our goal is to understand the exact complexities of your project and advise you on the best course of action to deliver the PCB on time, and within your budget.

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Our Support Services

  • What software do we support?

    We support a wide variety of software including Altium, Mentor, eCADSTAR, CADSTAR, PADS, Cadence, Allegro, ORCAD and Visula

  • IPC CID+ Qualified

    We are IPC CID(+) accredited, meaning you are in the best hands using our services.

  • PCB Design

    We have over 20 years' experience in PCB Design and can help with an array of different software and services.

  • PCB Layout Service

    Using layout software, the PCB design process combines component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a manufactured circuit board.

  • PCB Fabrication & Assembly

    We can take your board from design right through to manufacture and assembly!

  • PCB Reverse Engineering

    PCB reverse engineering is a multilayered process that includes targeted PCB research, reverse analysis and PCB design technology reproduction.

  • High-Speed PCB Design

    If you start designing boards and run into problems like delays, attenuation, crosstalk, reflections, or emissions then you may benefit from speaking to our team!

  • Library Creation

    We can help you manage all the key items that you put on your schematics and PCBs by keeping them all in one library editor

  • Data Preperation

    This involves the analysis of the BOM and the check of the component place and orientation to ensure that the component fits matches the footprint on the PCB.

IPC CID(+) Training Courses

We are the sole provider of CID training courses in the UK and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both professional developments within the industry and in PCB design.

The IPC is a worldwide membership organisation representing all facets of the industry including design, printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assembly.

Click Here for our IPC CID(+) Training Courses

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Partners and Accreditations

Gold Autodesk Software Reseller for the mechanical and construction industries, sole UK reseller of Zuken’s PCB design software, eCADSTAR and Experienced PCB Design Bureau Specialists. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to working with customers as their technology partner.

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