ZIW On-Demand Webinar 2022

Are you interested in the best practices for Electronics or Electrical Design and the latest innovations from Zuken?

We hosted a presentation alongside Zuken about everything new in eCADSTAR 2022. In our first webinar we discussed:

  • Multi-Instance Hierarchy
  • 3D Model Manager
  • Additional Enhancements

and in Part 2 of our webinar we hosted a shortened eCADSTAR demo where we looked at:

  • Incorporating ECIPS
  • Multi-Instance Hierarchy
  • Variants
  • Placement & Component Pushaside
  • Fanout
  • Templates (push aside vias whilst routing)
  • Re-use Blocks
  • Copy Placement
  • Divided Design
  • Creepage

Click below to watch our on-demand webinar today!

ZIW On-Demand Webinars

ZIW On-Demand Webinars

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