Where will your Quadra Autodesk Training Passport take you?

At Quadra, we understand that it can be difficult in the fast-paced world of business to make time for personal development. And in this strange year, it can feel like we are ‘literally’ not going anywhere. That is why we have introduced the Quadra Training Passport to give you, more freedom and flexibility in how you gain access to Autodesk training courses.

The Quadra Autodesk Training Passport gives you

  • Access to any of our scheduled training courses throughout the year (we run over 125 courses throughout the year);
  • Opportunity to build your own unique development plan, selecting the courses that would be most useful to you;
  • The foundations of a great training package for a new starter or continuous professional development plan;
  • Cost-effective solution to company training requirements and personal development plans.

Reasons to sign up for a Quadra Training Passport

  • Unbridled Access to all Scheduled Autodesk Training Courses for a period of 12 months;
  • Minimal burden on purchasing teams;
  • Unprecedented flexibility in attending training courses allowing you to make the scheduled calendar work for you;
  • Provides the freedom to customers to construct a unique development plan for all employees in possession of a training passport.


Interested in training with us?

Contact us now about our Training Passport Please Note: If a delegate or member of staff becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or high temperature, they must go home immediately and follow the stay at home guidelines (the NHS recommended safe temperature is 37.8 degrees, any higher is classed as a fever and could potentially be Covid-19 Coronavirus).

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