One Seriously Useful Tip for Working at Home with Inventor and AutoCAD

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A quick little tip from Paul Tolliday of Future group for Inventor and AutoCAD users in these unusual times where we are working from home.

When working in the office, most people will have Inventor running and maybe 2 or 3 monitors on our desk and quite a lot of people find it quite useful when we are working on a file to have the dialog box in view because we have multiple monitors we can drag it away to put it on another monitor, leaving the full screen available for Inventor. The problem arises when we are working at home and we may not have multiple monitors, just a single laptop screen.

When you open Inventor and want to open a file, you open a dialog box and the dialog box appears, there is a chiming sound as you click on the open command but still, you see no dialog box. So what’s actually happening here is inventor has remembered that you moved the dialog to a separate monitor which now doesn’t exist, so it’s effectively floating in no man’s land.

One very simple solution to this, if you press ALT, space and M together, you will hear a chime and whats it’s done is, it has selected the dialog box that is off your screen. If you then press the left or the right cursor button on your keyboard, you will actually move the dialog box back onto your main screen and then you can function as you usually would.

So a simple little tip, but solves a lot of headaches trying to find that missing dialog box. This works for Inventor and AutoCAD.


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