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Quadra Solutions provide a full range of PCB Design services that enhance and extend the capabilities of your engineering design team. You can rely on our highly experienced and IPC CID+ accredited team of PCB Design Engineers to provide a full range of services that leaves you free to focus on the design concept and product strategy.  Let’s introduce you to the team…

Meet the Quadra PCB Design Team

pcb design services

Alan Bradshaw

Alan has worked at Quadra for over 10 years and with his 40+ years of experience within the industry, it makes him one of our most experienced PCB designers. His background in consumer electronics and ICT Testing puts him in a great place to help support and guide your design work. With experience in Multi-layer and Flexi boards and expertise in various software packages (including Altium, Mentor and Cadence) his knowledge and skill is an invaluable resource.

pcb design services

Keith Watkins

Keith is the Director of PCB design at Quadra. His experience with impedance control, power integrity analysis and knowledge of DDR2,3,4 and PCI means that he is able to deal with diverse and complex PCB design briefs.  He is also highly-trained in advanced technologies, design for manufacture and high-density circuit boards. Projects for the Aerospace, Defence and Automotive industries are just a small selection of the projects Keith has been involved in recently.

PCB design services

Gill Green

Gill is another highly experienced PCB designer, with experience of working in satellite and defence industries. Not only does she have an HNC in production engineering but also has the IPC Certified Interconnect Designer qualification (CID) and the Advanced IPC CID+ to add to her list of credentials. Alongside her career/academic successes, her PCB design skills include single-sided and multi-layer board design, PTH and thermal analysis.

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pcb design services

Marc England

With over 37 years of experience within PCB design, Marc has designed high density and advanced technology boards for a wide range of industries including computing, nuclear and medical. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Zuken’s CADSTAR and it’s capabilities and regularly undertakes PCB reverse engineering works and Multi-layer design work. His skills also extend to RF Microwave design, SI and PI analysis.

Gary Mulqueen

Gary’s PCB design experience spends the majority of his time working on Altium design work. However, in his previous roles, he has worked heavily with Autodesk Inventor on the mechanical CAD side providing him with a strong understanding of both electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing. This experience means he has a good understanding of mechanical development as well as an understanding of multiple connected PCB’s and dense, high-speed designs.

For more information on our PCB design services or to have an informal chat about your upcoming design work contact design@quadrasol.co.uk