Creating Zones Revit MEP – Tech Tuesday

HVAC Zones and adding them to a project with REVIT MEP

We create zones to group common spaces. Zones properties will provide data for heating and cooling load calculation. There is always at least a zone in the Revit model.

First, you will need to duplicate the existing view and rename it and we are going to change it to our Zones view. So we’ve got a couple of section markers that we don’t really need for this particular view. So I’m going to select the section marker and right-hand click and hide the section marker.

To view the HVAC Zones we go into visibility graphics, expand it so we can see the interior fill and the reference line and spaces of fill will disappear.

We should have add spaces already selected, select those spaces, give them a name. We can select them individually.

The next thing to do is tag these, so we go into annotate and tag by category and once you select the zones the tag automatically.

Use the system browser to view zones. There is always going to be a default zone. We need to take the tick away from occupiable.


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