AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials

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Discover the AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials. Master drafting, design, and 3D modelling through this comprehensive course.

AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials Training Course

Welcome to the AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials course, where we’re thrilled to guide you through the basics of 2D drawing in the AutoCAD software. Over the course of three days, we’ll cover essential core topics, starting with basic tools and gradually introducing more advanced ones. Our approach emphasises the most crucial commands and concepts, making this a comprehensive yet accessible learning experience. Familiarity with basic design/drafting procedures and your operating system is recommended. Get ready for an engaging journey into the world of AutoCAD!


The objective of AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials course is to enable students to create a basic 2D drawing in the AutoCAD software.

AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials course covers the essential core topics for working with the AutoCAD software. The teaching strategy is to start with a few basic tools that enable the student to create and edit a simple drawing, and then continue to develop those tools. More advanced tools are introduced throughout the course. Not every command or option is covered, because the intent is to show the most essential tools and concepts.


You should have knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology and have a working knowledge of your operating system.


Three Days

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials Reviews

  • Course very informative. Stephen explained everything in appropriate detail

    Wayne Bennison
  • Great course very detailed and Stephen was a great teacher. Took some very useful points away from this course and looking forward to putting them to to good use

    Toby Wakenshaw
  • Brilliant trainer. Very helpful and patient! Much appreciated over the three days

    Stephen Edwards
  • 3 days of potentially easy lessons that merge into something intense and not as straightforward as it seems. Stephen was our tutor, using his experience and easy going manner, pushed us all through this course with comparative ease. As a student, never felt under pressure or demoralised when getting it wrong. I can walk away with a level of confidence that I can create something worthy of submission.

    Dan Archer
  • This course has made me confident in using AutoCAD. Stephen was a great Tutor, super helpful and friendly. I'd highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn how to use AutoCAD.

    Callum Donnan
  • Really enjoyed the course tutor was very informative and helpful.

    Jamie Clements
  • Fantastic course delivered brilliantly by Steve

    Lee Barnes
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