Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual reality is a virtual scenario simulates the real environment but it bears no relation to the environment the user is in, nor does it interact with the real world. 

Whereas Augmented Reality overlays or blends the real world, as seen through our device’s camera etc, with digital components. With AR, users can interact with virtual elements in the real world, and are able to distinguish between the two.


Using VR in your Business

  • Can be used to help clients visualise the end product
  • Being present in the scenario without actually visiting a place/ or the place being built yet
  • Even though not a Design/Manufacturing benefit - VR is also being used to interview candidates
  • Virtual reality for training - especially tricky, complicated and expensive processes.
  • As an alternative to video conferencing
  • Virtual tours and Marketing
  • Giving a better experience to the customers


 Virtual Reality - The Factory of the Future


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Our VR Solutions

Deliver VR Presentations at our site

Our training centre is the perfect venue to host a VR demonstration. We can host your event and with our high-quality VR kit, you can allow your customers to get inside your designs and experience one of your projects before it's built.

Talk to us for more information.

Rental or purchase of VR kit

Our high-quality VR kit can be borrowed or bought (depending upon requirements) so that you can deliver a presentation on-site or at your customer's site. We will help show you how to set it up and ensure you are fully prepared for your presentation. 

Talk to us for more information.

VR Training

We can deliver a half-day beginners VR course, which will enable you to run your own demonstrations and includes how to set up the room appropriately, how to deliver presentations and what software is required. (MFG  = VRED. AEC = Revit Live and HTC Live). 

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