SiliconExpert CONNECT - Effective, Accurate Component Data

Introducing SiliconExpert CONNECT for eCADSTAR

downloadSiliconExpert is today’s leading unified development and administrative support suite for semiconductor and mechanical parts management from design to end of life. SiliconExpert CONNECT enables engineers to access the critical parts data needed to make informed design decisions.

SiliconExpert CONNECT can help engineers design the products of tomorrow

With seamless integration, your company can leverage on time, accurate component data to improve product life cycle from design to end of life. SiliconExpert CONNECT analyzes your BOM by identifying parts that might put your design at risk. With the click of a button, the algorithms will give your design a thorough risk review by part and provide you with cross-reference replacement parts.

  • Mitigate Obsolescence
  • Avoid Redesigns
  • Remove Risk

Finding parts has never been easier with SE CONNECT

Search you get search parametrically or direct MPN and get instant access to billions of data points including cross-reference replacement for at-risk parts.

  • Part Search
  • Ensure
  • Compliance

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Analyse your BOM

Analyse your BOM

SiliconExpert CONNECT analyzes your BOM by identifying parts that might put your design at risk

Parametric Search

Parametric Search

Search parametrically to get instant access to billions of data points

Integrated, informed decision making

Integrated, informed decision making

Seamless integration with eCADSTAR helping to avoid risk and redesigns

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