PCB Design Services

PCB Design Services and Solutions

Quadra Solutions provide a full range of PCB Design services that enhance and extend the capabilities of your engineering design team.

You can rely on our highly experienced and CID accredited team of PCB Design Engineers to provide a full range of services that leaves you free to focus on the design concept and product strategy.

  • Data Preparation
  • Library Creation
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering
  • High Speed Design
  • Post Layout
  • ECAD / MCAD Integration

PCB Design Services

Data Preparation

We all know what a pain data preparation can be – but making sure you have the necessary information available to create new library parts for a design is a vital part of the design process.

Let us do the hard work for you – we’ll collate your data sheets for each device where library parts don’t exist and verify them to ensure there are sufficient legible dimensions for the new part to be created.

We do this for all of our customers and have a strict process in place - we’ll work closely with you to get your exact requirements to ensure that the finished design is complete and accurate.

Library Creation

Another tedious task you can leave in our capable hands! By default we would work to the IPC 7351 specification for PCB footprints, however if you have your own CAD system we’re happy to adopt your library standards.

Does your library need a good tidy? It’s easy to let library management slip when busy working on designs and there’s never a good time to have a sort out. Let us do a spring clean on your behalf and we’ll bring your library back under control and introduce a structure and procedure that means you won’t have to do it again.

Circuit Diagrams

At Quadra we’re happy to accept any form of input. Some of our customers provide completed CAD generated schematics, but we can work with a hand drawn sketch if required.

We know how important it is to get this stage of the design right as the circuit diagrams convey the design intent through to the PCB layout system. We’ll work with you here to ensure 100% accuracy.

PCB Layout

There’s a lot that goes into this stage of a PCB design and with years of experience in this under our belts we’ve developed a highly successful approach and find that consultation is key.

Here we dedicate a lot of time working with you on all aspects of the circuit, system design, mechanical and environmental requirements, bare board manufacturing requirements plus assembly and test requirements – we’ll cover it all to ensure that the design intent is delivered correctly.

To ease the process, we can provide online meetings to share your live design for review purposes – this technique is hugely popular with many of our customers and our engineers are happy to do this on a regular basis so that you can be sure everything is going in the right direction.

PCB Assembly

At Quadra, we can provide a complete service, whether you require just the bare PCB’s or assembled and tested units. We know the two main factors here are speed and cost, and we work with carefully selected manufacturing partners who offer preferential service to ensure we exceed your expectations on these points.

We are able to kit for the build whilst your design progresses to provide you with prototype PCB assemblies fast. As a complete service, you will only receive one quote for the full project, meaning less hassle for sign off internally!

PCB Reverse Engineering

Another one of our specialities! We’ve worked on many successful reverse engineering projects and have the skill to do this from almost any source data. In the past we’ve reversed engineered designs from gerber, obsolete CAD systems, bare PCB’s, PCB assemblies and even wiring lists.

There’s more – we also have the capability to convert any legacy designs that need modifications with no access to the original design data. We can then provide you with the PCB and schematic files for future use.

High Speed Design

Is your design high speed? Relax… we can do that too! We’re more than capable and vastly experienced so let us take care of your signal and power integrity requirements.

We’re able to define your board stack up and impedance profile, implement constraints and topologies to govern your signal behaviour and verify that the completed design achieves all of the stated requirements.

Post Layout Services

Once your design is completed, we’ll provide the deliverables agreed at the beginning of the process. We let you decide these and we are happy to work to your formats to ensure that the design can be seamlessly incorporated back into your own systems.

You may require complete PCB files, including a manufacturing pack, assembly drawings and a BOM – all of which is easily done.


We’re used to accepting 3D mechanical data in various formats such as STEP, IDF etc, and we have access to numerous tools from leading CAD providers.

This means we can take your design one step further by verifying component placement in the 3D environment.

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