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Quadra Solutions is an industry specialist in PCB Manufacturing. We can bring your product to market quicker, reduce time spent making prototypes and reduce potential errors. 

All manufacture of PCBs is subject to statistical process control methodology and we perform electrical tests for all multilayer PCBs.

5 Reasons to get your PCB's manufactured with Quadra


Operating in-house manufacturing facilities is expensive. Set-up and day-to-day operation require significant investment and outlay, limiting capacity for spending in other areas and the time spent making PCB prototypes, disrupting normal business can cost you and your business.

Dedicated product assembly expertise

By using contract product assembly services, you are assured access to dedicated expertise. We have the skills and access to all the relevant technologies and supplier to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

When time is of the essence

Does your business have the in-house manufacturing capability to cope with the potential peaks and troughs of demand? Cost efficiency and reliability are key. To stay competitive you need the resources to ensure that market needs are met quickly. We can help with that.


Manufacture and assembly work is carried out in strict accordance with national and international standards and in today's increasingly global marketplace, where companies must comply with a growing number of these standards.

Better lead times

Order size and frequency can fluctuate; working with a contract electronics manufacturer is a cost-efficient way to manage this fluctuation in market demand. A contract product assembly company has the capacity and resources to deal easily with spikes in demand. This guarantees that you always receive exactly what you need when you need it.

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What is the PCB Fabrication service?

Our PCB fabrication service involves the manufacture of bare PCBs to your exact design needs and specifications.  We fabricate more different types of printed circuit boards per year than any other UK manufacturer. 

We have over 20 years of experience as a company in the PCB Fabrication field. We use this hard-earned expertise to give our customers the best products possible. However, we’re also efficient and flexible in terms of delivery lead times. These lead times can range from a mere 24 hours up to 6 weeks according to your needs.

For large production runs we distribute PCBs manufactured by our international manufacturing partners. However, our pre-production PCBs are frequently manufactured in the UK, pending the arrival of production supplies from our partners. Our entire manufacturing process is overseen and managed so that only one tooling charge is applied. Each product is quality checked in the UK and deliveries are consistently completed on schedule.

High layer count PCBs, Engineering PCB Prototypes, and the full range of Electronics Manufacturing services, is our speciality. When you need PCB fabrication and assembly for prototypes, short runs, medium runs, and long runs we will gladly accept your designs and ensure that we conform the PCBs and fasten the assemblies together exactly to your specifications.

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