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Manufacturing costs, time to-market and the automation of design processes are all crucial in today’s market place. Being able to deliver your product or service quicker, cheaper and to a higher specification are key business objectives, but can often require additional knowledge, support and experience to build and develop those plans.

Quadra’s dedicated team of specialists are able to provide consultancy, training and support to aid you in your transition. We work with you as your technology partner to deliver design workflow enhancements, IT Infrastructure solutions and understand your data management and design-flow challenges.

We take time and care to understand your business and the challenges it faces, providing you with a wide range of solutions and strategies, bespoke to your business, which will further improve, streamline and expand your business operations. We pride ourselves on not only our technical software and industry knowledge, but also our ability to provide customers with tailored and specific solutions that help improve their existing workflows, standardise documentation procedures and provide long-term strategies to drive innovation and enhancement.

Our sales and technical specialists have practical experience across both the private and public sectors and from a wide range of industries and have demonstrated time after time the ability to create and deliver innovative, practical project solutions. Our success comes from understanding our clients’ needs, whilst managing the risk and opportunity costs associated.

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Just a selection of our PCB design capabilities

Product Design

  • Electronics & PCB Design
  • Firmware & Software Design
  • Design for Test & Manufacture
  • Manufacturing; UK & Offshore
  • Production Test Solutions
  • Approvals & Compliance 


  • Digital, Analogue, Mixed Signal
  • Low Power Design
  • Microprocessor Solutions
  • PSU, Battery Management
  • FPGA, CPLD Design, VHDL
  • Wireless; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM
  • Signal Processing
  • Design for EMC Compliance


  • Mobile Products
  • Internet of Things; M2M
  • Life Sciences
  • Telematics, GPS, Tracking
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • Sensors & Monitoring
  • Test Systems
  • Comms; Wired, Wireless 


  • Real Time Embedded
  • C, Assembler
  • Small Footprint RTOS
  • ARM, Ti, Renesas, PIC
  • IDE; ARM, IAR, Keil, GCC, ImageCraft
  • OS; Windows, Linux
  • C#, MS Visual Studio
  • Production Test

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