IPC CID+ Course Content

Course Overview

Taught by experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals, this program enhances your existing knowledge while developing your understanding of the wider electronic and manufacturing processes associated with PCB design. CID+ aims to ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest technologies, processes and industry requirements. The qualification is not restricted to specific software users and can be applied to a range of specialisms within the PCB and electronic design industry.

Course Content

This training reinforces the knowledge and experience held by individuals operating within the PCB design industry. This intensive training program provides delegates with a greater understanding of the PCB development processes, the implications for testing and manufacture as well as the industry specifications. The program assesses a designer's knowledge of transforming a schematic into a PCB design that can be easily manufactured, assembled and tested in the most cost efficient, profitable and reliable manner.

The key areas include:

  • Board Material Properties
  • Assembly Test Implementation
  • Design Standards to Meet Fabrication and Assembly Goals
  • Quality Life-cycle Tracking
  • Panelization Strategy for Manufacturing Processes
  • Electrical Clearance and Dielectric Spacing
  • General Principles of Impedance Control
  • Component Comparison Between Area and Peripheral Arrays
  • Component Mounting Strategies
  • Material List Development
  • Documentation to Facilitate Design to Fabrication Interface

Course Pre-requisites

It is expected that delegates will be fully familiar with the course material before attending the course and have undertaken at least 30 hours of independent study prior to the start of the course. The course provides a much more comprehensive look at electronic design (including hi-speed design) than the CID course and requires a much greater level of self-study.

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam, you will receive a certificate that is recognised throughout the industry, bringing additional credentials to your technical expertise and a strong endorsement of your skills and experience. Achievement of this qualification can then be marketed to customers, stakeholders and potential employers. 

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