Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Electronics Engineer

“I was keen to do my CID+ qualification but needed to complete my CID first. The main objective of taking my IPC CID qualification was to further increase my effectiveness and deliver a quicker and more effective relationship with colleagues, suppliers and customers. I think it is crucial in this industry to continue to learn and improve and I think more electronic professionals should take this qualification, especially non-electronic professional who would benefit from a wider overview of the design process.”

Freelance PCB Designer

“My experience and knowledge is crucial to the job I do as a freelance/contract PCB designer. I need my clients to know that I have the skills, experience and knowledge to ensure their designs can be completed quickly, efficiently and within budget. Taking my IPC CID will allow me not only to build on my 17 years of industry experience, but also improve the professional profile of my business.” 

PCB Designer

“After working on a board prior to the IPC course, I was immediately able to go back and make a lot of improvements. I made improvements to ground planes, return paths, constraints and the way in which I documented the fabrication and assembly notes. The course helped to nail down some of the concepts I had been aware of previously but had never implemented before. These will now be cemented into my daily practices.”

Manufacturing Manager

“The course was great and was just right in terms of length, content and complexity. The course has taught me about design for manufacture and assembly as well as clarifying and enhancing some of my existing knowledge. The course will enable me to improve the design work done within my company and enable me to work on more complex boards.”

Principal PCB Designer

"It was a really good course. I have taken quite a lot away from it and I am keen to use that knowledge in future design work. All PCB designers should take this course – It provides a really strong understanding for why we do what we do and how important IPC standards are for every level of the design process."

Engineering and Product Design Director

"This course will help our team create designs more efficiently and cost effectively. The CID qualification will help endorse the skills of our team and was a good reminder and refresh of some of the key principles and processes involved in good-quality PCB design.”

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