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Design engineer cadstarYour PCB design challenges require innovative solutions, so being able to capture them in a fast, effective, error-free manner is critical.

CADSTAR offers a range of products that support your creativity including intelligent Schematic Capture with integrated constraints definition, CADSTAR FPGA for HDL development and verification with Aldec© solutions, various PCB Layout options that enable viewing, placement planning and full layout, through to pre- and post-layout Signal Integrity analysis.

Central to the design engineers requirement is CADSTAR Schematic that provides you with a flexible, yet powerful, design platform incorporating:

  • your choice of design methodology that lets you design at the Symbol, Part, Block or Sheet level with a multi-layer hierarchical or multi-sheet design environment
  • an intelligent connective database that accurately captures your design intent and maintains design integrity throughout the CADSTAR flow
  • a fully customisable design environment with the same GUI in Schematic, PCB Layout, Library Editor and Routing environments
  • a range of tools to help you define, simulate and manage your design data

CADSTAR's range of PCB Layout tools allow the design engineer to define critical design parameters such as layer stack, spacing class rules, area definition and critical placement, yet leave the time-consuming task of routing and manufacturing preparation to their colleagues or design service providers.


Selected Products

Schematic Capture

CADSTAR Schematic Capture provides a fast, efficient way to capture design intent

Constraint Browser

 CADSTAR Constraint Browser enables rapid development of constraints for high-speed design

Placement Planner

 CADSTAR Placement Planner allows Design Engineers to configure the PCB layer stack and define critical placement


CADSTAR Lite deliver a complete entry level PCB design solution


Library Data

Libraries are key to the design process, so Zuken gets you ahead of the game with an on-line library of more than 250,000 parts from leading vendors such as Actel, Analog Devices, Intel, Texas and Zetex. You can add dynamic links to a supplier's datasheet or web site to provide the engineer with the latest information at their fingertips.


Need to include repeated or pre-defined 'golden circuit' design blocks? Create them as ReUse blocks and build your own library for you and your colleagues to share. ReUse blocks in Schematics can link automatically to ReUse blocks in PCB Layout, helping you save on the time taken during layout and test. And all of this comes standard with every version of CADSTAR.


Variant Manager allows you to define market-specific products that broaden the scope and appeal of your range, improve cost control and enhance product differentiation. CADSTAR allows you to simply create, view and list several design variants by excluding selected items or specifying alternate parts.

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