CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance™

EMI, AC and DC power analysis of your PCB layout

CADSTAR Power integrity AdvanceThe overall performance and EMC behaviour of electronic equipment is determined by the design of the circuitry and geometry of the layout, combined with the effectiveness of power distribution system.

Parasitic noise voltages on the power/ground system caused by the fast switching of currents from integrated circuits (ICs) can lead to malfunctions and significant increases in electromagnetic emissions.

CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance provides EMI, AC and DC power analysis of your PCB layout to help you determine the best decoupling and power distribution strategy for your layout.

The combination of increasing PCB power requirements and decreasing voltage levels results in tighter signal noise margins, so careful design of the PCB power distribution system is now a critical stage in the design flow.



Features and Benefits

  • DC Analysis automatically creates an equivalent DC circuit representing the power distribution system, which is combined with model information of device power consumption to verify DC voltage drop and current flow.
  • AC Analysis verifies plane impedance characteristics to assist the design engineer in the planning and selection of the decoupling capacitor network.
  • EMI analysis highlights design features that cause electromagnetic emission hotspots, considering both Common Mode and Differential Mode radiation.
  • Ensure quality and integrity of the power distribution system
  • Provide full board EMC screening for differential and common mode board level EMC effects prior to production of the first prototype
  • Save cost and board real estate by optimising the location and number of decoupling capacitors
  • Analyse the voltage distribution to identify weaknesses and areas for concern




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