CADSTAR Professional 3D

Advanced Schematic and High-Speed PCB Design Software

The bi-directional data translation between CADSTAR and any 3D mechanical design system via the generic STEP or ACIS data format ensures any updates made in Board Modeler Lite can be passed back into the CADSTAR design. 

+ Standard CADSTAR Professional is Zuken’s integrated schematic and PCB design solution for High Density Interconnect (HDI) and high-speed layout, with advanced layout capabilities that enable the design engineer to quickly and effectively realise design intent.


Constraint-driven design to efficiently define and implement high-speed layouts.
Unlimited capacity to handle even the most complex of designs.
Specifically, the CADSTAR Professional bundle adds:


Constraint Browser

CADSTAR Constraint Browser simplifies constraint management by providing a fast and effective method to enter the most complex of rules. The Constraint Browser guides engineers through a fully integrated, constraints-driven design methodology to meet high-speed performance requirements, reducing design costs and time-to-market by eliminating unnecessary prototypes and re-engineering cycles.

EMC Adviser

CADSTAR EMC Adviser helps optimise SI and EMC performance in high-speed designs by highlighting potential problem areas. There are 20 design rule checks for differential mode, common-mode and fast circuit errors in the design, with advice on methodologies and strategies for avoidance.


High-speed Place and Route Editor

Included for the first time in CADSTAR Professional is CADSTAR Place and Route Editor XR5000 HS - Zuken's highest level router. All of the functionality of the previous CADSTAR Place and Route Editor XR2000L4 or L6, the 5000HS router obeys a wide range of fast circuit rules including min/max length, skew, delay and crosstalk limits to meet tight timing and noise margins as well as delivering both graphical and numeric feedback of conformance to constraints, providing the layout specialist with the critical data they need during both placement and routing.

Routing results and analysis, including impedance, crosstalk and delay, can be verified in Constraint Manager, with the option to export data to complete documentation of the design. 

Included within the Place and Route XR5000 HS:

CADSTAR Rules-by-Area, a tool-set that enhances Zuken’s routing technology by allowing the association of different design rules to different areas of the design.
Topology Editor provides engineers with a schematic view of the complete signal with tools to assign predefined topologies such as daisy chain, H-tree or star, or create custom templates to apply to a range of high-speed nets.

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