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In this video we take a look at eCADSTARS ability to be able to automatically flood copper areas with vias. An extremely useful, timesaving feature for stitching together ground or power planes.


First of all I go to the padstack tab and select reinforcing via.

So we have a few options here. I can flood the inner, the perimeter or all of the board.

We can choose which specific via we would like to use. We can also change the layer span here and we can also configure our via matrix.

The software prompts us to select two pieces of copper. This is an 8 layer board and we are only looking at 1 and 8 right now. But if the copper existed on more layers it will also connect to the additional layers. Or provide clearance if a connection is not needed.

As soon as the second copper shape is selected eCADSTAR builds a preview image for us so we can review the matrix. Whilst still in preview mode I can change the matrix dimensions so I can review each result and finally commit to adding them to my design.

Now I’ve committed the vias to my design then still work within the rules of our DRC and can be pushed out of the way or even deleted.


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