What’s New in BoardModeler Lite 12.1

BoardModeler Lite 12.1 is now available, so we have a look at some of the additional features now available.


  • Cross-probing between CADSTAR and BML12.1

–  The CADSTAR application will no longer be hidden when BML is started from the CADSTAR Tools menu



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Through Hole Slot models updated

  • In BML 12.1 non-circular through holes such as slotted holes will now have a plating model when the data is output to STEP file

–  When output to STEP format a slot will no longer be a filled shape but correctly represented in a similar manner as a cylindrical hole


Step Output improvement

  • When outputting a single united body to STEP the top and bottom layer copper can also be shown with a thickness
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Non-component resist windows

  • Resist windows that are applied to the design, that are not defined as resist openings in a part definition, will now transfer from CADSTAR to BML 12.1




Axis Indicator Labels (X,Y,Z)

  • When modifying the position of any part or constraint, the Axis manipulator labels will now be displayed on the main canvas.



BoardModeler Lite 12.1 is now available and able to be downloaded from ZGS.

For more information about BML and CADSTAR contact us CADSTAR@quadrasol.co.uk

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