What’s New for Revit 2021

What’s new for Revit 2021?

New and enhanced Revit design software features support consistent, coordinated, and complete modelling for multi-discipline design that extends to detailing and construction.

Generative Design

Quickly produce design alternatives based on goals and constraints you define. Available exclusively to AEC Collection subscribers. 

Real-time realistic views

Work directly in real-time with better, easier, and faster realistic views.

Electrical circuit naming

Electrical workflows in Revit 2021 are more adaptable to global requirements with flexible circuit naming schemes.

What's new in Revit 2021 - Revit Official Blog

Customized workspace

Easily tailor your workspace to your work discipline and job role.

Slanted walls

Intuitively create and edit slanted walls, and instantly handle slanted doors, windows, and other wall-hosted geometry.

PDF and image linking

Link PDFs or image files into Revit from local or cloud storage.

Cloud model hosting in EuropeHost Revit cloud workshared and non-workshared models on European data centers.

Row striping for schedules

Read schedules more easily with row striping on sheet views.

Infrastructure discipline and bridge categories

Revit 2021 supports bridge and civil structures workflows with InfraWorks, including extended bridge categories for modelling and documentation.

Dynamo 2.5 integration

Dynamo Revit 2.5 comes out of the box with Revit 2021.

Rebar modelling

A series of improvements for shapes, coupler connections, and end treatments for working with rebar.

Integrated precast automation

Structural precast extension is now native to Revit with precast tools available on install.

Integrated steel connections nodes

Dynamo nodes for placing steel connections now come out of the box with Revit.

Tools for steel modelling

Enhancements to the create, edit, view, and snap command behaviours with steel stiffeners and plates.

Integrated structural analysis results

Structural analysis results storage and exploration is now native to Revit on install.

Electrical design

New support for single-phase (line to neutral) panelboards, and improvements to switchboard circuits.

MEP worksharing

Improved worksharing provides better collaboration among stakeholders and a more consistent experience

P&ID Modeler on BIM 360 DocsP&ID Modeler for Revit now connects to BIM 360 Docs.


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