What’s new for AutoCAD 2021 – Quick Measure Command

Paul Tolliday takes us through new functionality in AutoCAD 2021


Hello and Welcome to What’s new for AutoCAD 2021.
We are going to be having a quick look and the quick measure command. There has been some additional functionality added for this release.

So if we go to our measure as before, as we hover over we will see the dimensions, the radius, diameter etc. and now if we want to select an area of an object we can simply click inside and it will find the boundaries and it will display the area and the perimeter length.

So that’s just doing a single profile there. If we want to have the area of this component or this cutout, we can just click inside it and it will give us the area for each of these boundary points but also if we hold down the shift key. we can select multiple boundaries and again we can select that whole component and you can see that the area is being displayed.

So a little bit of extra functionality but very useful.


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