The Quadra Download Portal Launches

This month we launched the Quadra Download Portal. The portal is available for all our Autodesk On-Maintenance Customers and On-Maintenance CADSTAR customers and will be regularly updated with exclusive guides, videos, content and applications, all of which can help improve and solve some of your design challenges.

Take me to the Quadra Download Portal

Each month I will being taking you through a couple of the applications available on the Download Portal and giving you a guide on how to use of these applications, when they come in handy and how they ultimately can improve the design work you undertake. To start off with I will be talking about 2 applications that help drive efficient design and create little short-cuts that help you navigate some of the challenges and niggles that Inventor sometimes presents designers with.

First up…

Capture: the time saver

This application came about as a result of myself and the rest of the design team spending a lot of time trying to locate files. Now understandably time spent locating files means less time spent actually designing and getting things done and this wasted time can easily be resolved by using ‘capture’.

When working on a large project, the designer will often need to locate additional files and assemblies and has to find the current files name, or location, which is done via iProperties. The designer will grab the file name from one text box and the file location from another and finally paste into a notepad and concatenate them together. This long-winded process can take time especially if there are numerous elements to be added.



Using Quadra’s ‘Capture’ Inventor add-in you can and easily grab the full path and filename, the path on its own or just the file name

When you click Browse to folder, the application will take you directly to where the file is located.

Match Ribbon: the standardised view


Match ribbon is a great tool for anyone working on multiple files within Autodesk Inventor and requiring the same ribbon tab throughout the design project. Now as you will probably be well aware each file will default to its own (by filetype) ribbon tab when opened.

These tabs are then altered by the designer to best fit the specific file. But, have you ever needed to run the same command on multiple files (think Vault ‘Check In’ for example) and found yourself having to consistently flip between tabs?


With Quadra’s Inventor ‘Match Ribbon’ add-in you can choose a default ribbon tab for ALL files, and any time a file is activated the required tab will be set as the default. You can swap tabs within the current document, but the Match Ribbon default will be set when you reopen /reactivate the file.

 ribbon match inventor

 Match Ribbon


Next month I will be taking you through two more applications on the Quadra Download Portal.

For more information about the Quadra Download Portal and how you can get access to the exclusive apps and resources contact


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