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The Golden Rectangle for Design 

Every so often we find a new way of working or a new perspective and this informs our future processes. After a recent meeting with a customer, Andy Laycock, Quadra’s AEC Technical Specialist, happened upon a new concept which is now having an impact on how he sees designs.

The Golden Rectangle

Until recently I was unaware of the term Golden Rectangle. It was brought to my attention by a customer that uses its ratios to add pleasing proportions to his designs work.

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I have always had a soft spot for the Fibonacci sequence – (mainly because I like the helix and the old Autodesk/AutoCAD logo). As a result, I became intrigued as to how sequences and ratios have allegedly been used in architecture throughout history – The Sphinx in relation to the Pyramids & Giza, the Parthenon, Notre-Dame. The ratio has an important role to play in the opinion of some designers and artists.

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It may be that as humans we need to see order in what is aesthetically pleasing and as a result, we make the golden rectangle fit where it doesn’t. What, however, cannot be disputed is that it crops up in nature all over the place, and for that reason, I feel it is a tool worth considering.

Dynamic Families for use with the Golden Rectangle

Anyway, back to the real point in of this blog! With the above in mind, I thought it may be interesting to create a dynamic family that could be used in views, giving a starting point for the ratios.

The family is basically a sketch using a Base dimension that re-scale subsequent sub-divisions in relation to the Golden Ratio = 1.618. It is quite simple and can be flipped and rotated as required. It can be used in plan, section and elevation views.

Here is a short video of what I came up with.

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