TechTuesday – AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD shortcuts



In this video, we are going to look at shortcuts in AutoCAD. From a new drawing if you click on the manage tab and then find CUI on the customisation panel we are able to go and click on keyboard shortcuts.

From here we can copy these or we can simply hit print and save these as a PDF and you can now review all of the standard keyboard shortcuts. Whatsmore, we can add to these keyboard shortcuts.

Adding AutoCAD shortcuts

So if we expand our keyboard shortcuts I can then have a look at all the shortcuts that exist and I can go and grab any command and drag it into this list. In this instance, we are going to choose 3D DWF. Now this 3D DWF doesn’t have a short cut assigned to it yet. To assign a shortcut, we click on the three dots and then assign a key. In this instance, I’m going to use Control Shift and 3 and you will see that has added in and hit apply.

So from here we can print these back out and if we have a look at our PDF we can now that 3D DWF and control shift 3 is the shortcut.


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