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Talking Vault – 2 men and a Vault – Part 3

Part 3 of Talking Vault

Part 3  – How using Vault can improve designs and solve work-flow issues.

So, we move onto do I have the right version of this file and the authority to change this file?

Within Vault, you can change the status of a part to review and enable the reviewer to gain access to that file. Vault will also lock the file, which is then only released once signed off. When you release a general assembly drawing, Vault will ask whether you wish to release the parts and assemblies as well so the reviewer can check all elements of the drawing. If this is the case all dependents can be included. Just to note, the reason you are checking the file in and out, is that this allows the opportunity for comments to be made. This is an incredibly useful feature as it allows the different stakeholders to add comments relating to the changes made and the reasons why they were made. This provides and extra level of traceability and review.

Sharing your model

With Vault Professional each user license is costed. But it can be installed on as many machines as required, as long as you only have so many using the licenses at one time. However, as a benefit of Vault Professional you also get access to a ‘thin client’, a free read-only portal enabling access to the Vault. This isn’t sharing data outside the company as it dials into your server but it enables you to share your designs with members of your wider team (purchasing, sales, management, shop floor) to view the model in a read-only view. Enabling you to share the design with the right people at the right time.

Revision tracking

If there is a change that needs to be made, the file can be put back into working progress mode, at which point the file can be edited again. When the ‘thin client’ is set up initially, rights and credentials can be assigned so you know exactly what members of the workforce have access to the file. The shop-floor would only see the released files, whereas the Managing Director, who more than likely than not, wouldn’t have access to CAD software, can see the working progress files but can’t change them.

BOM – All additional elements and components

Understandably, a draftsman wont model every element involved in a design, grease/lubricant etc. But these however are still important for the wider business to know about. Within Vault a CAD engineer can itemise any additional elements, that they wouldn’t necessarily model but are still crucial to the manufacture of a product. This listing of components in Vault means that it becomes a Global BOM not just a CAD BOM.

In Vault Basic, it understands what that the top-level assembly uses. Vault Professional, however, will tell you how much of everything is required. This process helps support purchasing departments and finance systems by ensuring that the components required to build the design are correct and available.

ECO – Engineering Change Orders

Where life cycles manage the change to a design the ECO environment documents the change.

Anyone can request a change where the nominated Change Administrator decides if the change is valid or not. When the ECO is submitted for action the engineers responsible for making the change are notified of the requirement. The completed ECO is then submitted for review and finally approval.

Who, what and when is always recorded with a status transition, the facility to red line mark up the visualisation file and attach supporting documentation is also available. All ECO’s are accessible both with the file and in a separate ECO list for easy access during design reviews or design change audits.

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