Revit Scope Box

What are scope Boxes? 

  • A scope box is essentially a 3D section box that can be assigned to at view. 

What are they used for? 

  • It is used to keep continuity between related views of the same area of the building and negates the use of the crop region in 2D vires. 
  • They can be applied to datum elements such as Grid Lines Levels & Reference Planes to make the extension of the elements uniform in each view. 
  • They don’t have to be applied to the Scope box but this can be useful if you are detailing something like a mezzanine area r plant room. 

How can they be applied to the views and elements? 

Simply select the view(s) or element(s) in question and allocate the required Scope Box in the Extents Section of the Properties Panel. 

Revit Scope Boxes

So, how do we implement them? 

In this example, we will… 

  • Duplicate a view as a dependant of a large building x2. 
  • Rename the new views as North Wing and South Wing. 

Return to the initial GA and crate the North Wing and South Wing Scope Boxes. 

Assign Scope boxes to the new dependent views 

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