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Quadra Solutions Ltd specialise in CAD software solutions for mechanical, construction and PCB design industries. We provide consultancy, training and technical support and house one of the largest PCB design bureaus in the UK. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to working collaboratively with our customers. As an accredited Autodesk, eCADSTAR and IPC CID Training Centre, we deliver a wide array of technical CAD and PCB professional development courses.

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Why use Outsourced PCB Prototyping Services?

Outsourcing services to experienced and talented teams, like ours at Quadra, will save you time and money. Our PCB prototyping services remove your frustrations and prevent feelings of stress as we guide you through the process as expertly as we can.

But what if you are an established manufacturer with a continuous production line, broad in-house capabilities to manufacture fully populated PCB’s and have the resources to create your own BOM and manage the process from start to finish?

You’ll still benefit, and here’s how.

CADSTAR to eCADSTAR Migration – Library

Sarah Santangeli takes us through an incredibly important feature, migration of a CADSTAR Library to eCADSTAR. eCADSTAR supports migration from classic CADSTAR. With eCADSTAR, you can update your CADSTAR designs and component libraries to work in eCADSTAR and ensure you can pick up where you left off.   Transcript To migrate our CADSTAR libraries into …

CADSTAR to eCADSTAR Migration – Library Read More »

pcb design rules

10 Rules for Efficient & Effective PCB design | Download the Guide

Download our PCB Design Guide – 10 Rules for Efficient and Effective PCB Design Are your PCB designs effective and efficient? Download our PCB Design Guide to find out. The speed of technological enhancement is continuously increasing and it will be the ability to change and keep up with these developments that will be the standard …

10 Rules for Efficient & Effective PCB design | Download the Guide Read More »

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