In the last few years, the manufacturing and engineering sectors have seen revolutionary changes and Quadra Solutions has been at the forefront of these technological advances, helping clients to adopt, adapt and advance. The speed of technological enhancement is continuously increasing and it will be the ability to change and keep up with these developments that will be the standard by which success is measured.

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pcb prototyping

Why use Outsourced PCB Prototyping Services?

Outsourcing services to experienced and talented teams, like ours at Quadra, will save you time and money. Our PCB prototyping services remove your frustrations and prevent feelings of stress as we guide you through the process as expertly as we can.

But what if you are an established manufacturer with a continuous production line, broad in-house capabilities to manufacture fully populated PCB’s and have the resources to create your own BOM and manage the process from start to finish?

You’ll still benefit, and here’s how.

Indusvent case study

Leading the Way in Dust Extraction | Autodesk Inventor Case Study

How Autodesk software and Quadra Solutions are helping Indusvent with their Continuous Improvement Project. AUTODESK INVENTOR CASE STUDY Indusvent is a specialist dust extraction systems and equipment supplier, operating nationally from three strategic locations across the UK. Their aim is to provide the most energy-efficient dust extraction equipment in the marketplace, setting new standards of …

Leading the Way in Dust Extraction | Autodesk Inventor Case Study Read More »

Autodesk Inventor Shrinkwrap

How to Export Large Inventor Assemblies with Shrinkwrap

Need to export a large design assembly, but don’t want to give out all of the detailed information? Want to export the assembly while reducing the file size? Hoping to improve performance in downstream processes by reducing assembly model complexity?  Export using Shrinkwrap can help. Large assemblies can be tricky to work with. Some Inventor …

How to Export Large Inventor Assemblies with Shrinkwrap Read More »

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