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BIM-Ready Models – The Importance of BIM for Manufacturers

BIM-ready digital models are crucial if you are in the business of specifying for new building projects. BIM for Manufacturing is BIG news. In complex construction projects, delays and cost increases can be caused by a range of unforeseen circumstances, but many issues are avoidable. Budget inaccuracies, design errors, scheduling conflicts and miscommunication between stakeholders …

New eBook: Adding 3D Modelling to your 2D Drafting Workflow

By 2023, 3D design-based CAD is expected to generate $8,387.57 million in revenue, 196% more than 2D design. So, it’s no surprise that across the architecture, engineering and construction industries, 3D modelling is increasingly winning favour over standard 2D CAD.

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Switching to Revit | Are you falling behind by using AutoCAD?

As an architect, MEP or structural engineer, you have likely designed buildings, systems or structures using AutoCAD. There is an even better way to deliver design documentation, reduce inefficiencies, increase quality and improve collaboration. How? By switching to Revit software for building information modelling. And for those of you familiar with AutoCAD, let’s explore how …

Revit 2019

What’s new for Autodesk Revit Design

Revit 2019 brings improvements to the overall design environment with a completely re-written view management system that also lets you take full advantage of multiple monitors. You’ve been asking for greater control overview graphics with the “or” option added to view filters, and that’s included in Revit 2019. Revit 2019 includes expanded modelling capabilities for …

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A 3D Vision of the Future for Construction – 3D visualisation

The use of software to create a detailed, life-like representation of objects that can be easily manipulated and altered and finally communicated to others is now commonplace within the design. However, new design tools are now further altering and improving the way the architectural and construction industries operate. Innovations in 3D visualisation are becoming a …