Save up to 15% when trading in your old perpetual license not on maintenance

Customers with a qualifying Autodesk license can save up to 15% when they trade-in their license for an Industry Collection or individual product subscription.

Get specialized toolsets

Now when you subscribe to AutoCAD, you get access to industry-specific toolsets, greater mobility with web and mobile apps, and all the latest updates.

Speed up your work

Work smarter and faster with access to libraries of symbols, parts, and detail components, and always have the right tool at hand while working in a familiar AutoCAD interface.

All the tools you need

You can also save when you subscribe to an Autodesk Industry Collection, which combines the new AutoCAD with our most powerful software into one package.


For the Built environment, Autodesk Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection combines Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and more with specialized BIM tools to help you deliver your best work.

Use integrated BIM and CAD workflows for design, engineering, and construction. Whether you’re in building design, civil infrastructure, or construction, you’ll have access to top tools to improve productivity and collaboration, so you can deliver your best work and stay competitive.

  • Be ready for anything with a full set of BIM tools
  • Easier software and license management
  • Access the latest and previous releases
  • Choose access for individuals or teams


For the Manufacturing and Product Design Industry, Autodesk Manufacturing and Product Design Collection offers in-canvas workflows for design, advanced simulation in Inventor Professional , 5-axis CAM, nesting, and factory layout. You also get access to the full breadth of specialized toolsets available with AutoCAD, along with new cloud-based technologies like Fusion 360.


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