Meet the Quadra Autodesk Sales Team

Meet the Quadra Autodesk Sales Team

Over the last few months the Quadra Autodesk Team has seen a fair few changes, with some brand-new faces joining the team and a couple of role changes. So, we thought that now was as good a time as any to re-introduce you to the Quadra Autodesk Team.

Mike Hacking

Most of you will know Mike. He has been with Quadra now for a while and is well known and respected by many of our customers. Starting out originally as an Autodesk product specialist, his background in engineering from Lancaster University became a real asset and has since helped him to inspire numerous large and small companies to develop design efficiencies and process enhancements in their workflows. Now in his 5th year, Mike is now responsible for over 250 accounts and works closely with the technical team to deliver design and data management solutions for a wide range of different clients.

Michelle Holden

Michelle has been with Quadra for over a year and has rapidly built great working relationships with many of the customer accounts she manages. Working with Andy Laycock, our BIM and Revit specialist, her knowledge of the architecture, engineering and construction industries has helped her deliver BIM level 2 processes for businesses and initiate BIM-compliant methodologies and work practices. She has since further expanded her knowledge into manufacturing and product development industries, gaining exposure to BIM for Manufacturing industries, VR and BIM-compliant models.

Thomas Longman

Thomas joined the Autodesk team as a Sales Account Manager last month. Thomas’ previous customer relationship management skills meant that he was well suited to dealing with the Autodesk subscription model and has quickly familiarised himself with the Autodesk licensing structure. As Thomas is still in his first couple of months, there is still much for him to learn but his understanding of the subscriptions process, his great attitude towards customer service means that he will be a great source of knowledge moving forward.

Chris O’Hear

Chris joined us in the last two months and has already made a strong impact with customers. His enthusiastic approach to challenges, coupled with his previous experience in account and customer relationship management means that he will soon be looking after his own accounts and a point of contact for training and professional development.

Rachel Clare

Last month Rachel re-joined the Autodesk team, after a stint in the CADSTAR and IPC CID Training section of Quadra. Rachel provides sales support to many of the sales team, whilst also managing Quadra’s Authorised Autodesk training and continuous professional development courses, most delivered at our Training Centre. Her positive and infectious manner means she is a favourite with customers and very knowledgeable about the right training and development courses to help support company growth and development.

Nicole Alderson

Nicole is now responsible for much of the administration regarding Autodesk licenses. Since Nicole started with the company over 2 years ago she has developed and grown. Her eye for detail coupled with her positive and pleasant attitude means that she has taken to the expansion of her role with great enthusiasm and positivity. She is a great person to contact if you are unsure about your contract details and is always willing to help.

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