Don’t leave it too late to make the move to Autodesk Subscription

What is Move to Auodesk Subscription?

Move to Autodesk Subscription gives customers with eligible products on maintenance the ability to easily switch to a subscription at the time of renewal for a discounted price.

Customers who switch will continue to renew with special discounted pricing, which will be lower than maintenance plan renewal pricing and far below the cost of purchasing a new subscription. In addition, customers who switch from maintenance to a subscription with a 3-year term length can receive an additional 10% saving.

What are my options when my current maintenance plan comes up for renewal?

When your maintenance plan comes up for renewal, you will have 3 options:

• Switch an eligible individual product on maintenance to a subscription of the same product or an eligible alternative

• Switch an eligible individual product or suite on maintenance to an industry collection subscription

• Renew your maintenance plan for one year

The option to switch to Autodesk Subscription at this significant discount is conditional upon you agreeing to the termination of your perpetual license on a maintenance plan and its replacement with the new subscription. Normally, this means you would be required to uninstall your old perpetual license software and install software associated with your new subscription. We understand this could disrupt your workflow if you already have an eligible product and version installed.

How much will it cost to switch products on-maintenance to Autodesk Subscription?

The cost to switch from maintenance to subscription will vary depending on your products and when you decide to make the switch. Generally, you can expect the cost to switch as follows*:

If You Switch: Cost Secured Pricing BEFORE May 7, 2019 Approximately 5% less than the current cost of a maintenance plan renewal. For 3 years AFTER May 7, 2019 5% increase in the cost to switch Not available

It’s important to note that if you switch before May 7, 2019 you can secure pricing for 3 years. In addition, after the secured pricing period ends, you can continue to renew with special ongoing discounted pricing, which will be lower than maintenance plan renewal pricing and far below the cost of purchasing a new subscription.

What should I expect to pay for my maintenance plan renewal?

See the chart below for guidance on maintenance plan renewal pricing*. Please refer to your Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk Representative for your actual pricing.

2019 – 20% price increases

2020 – No price increase

2020 and beyond – Will be announced as soon as it’s available

Save 10% on 3 Year Subscriptions

Whether you have a Maintenance Plan, M2S or you’re buying a New Licence choose the 3 year option and save 10% more than an annual licence.

Do note that users from your maintenance plan seats will not be assigned automatically to the new subscription. Your administrator will be required to create and/or assign users to the desktop software, cloud services, and support for your new subscription. Refer to Managing Users & Permissions for more information.


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