DFMStream: Improve PCB design efficiency while reducing risk

DFMStream: Improve PCB design efficiency while reducing risk

Your complex PCB designs require a comprehensive verification process

Reduce your risk with DFMStream 200 Bundle

DFMStream analyses your Gerber files, ODB++, or IPC-2581 (plus NC data) before your design is committed to fabrication and manufacturing. DFMStream works with any CAD software.



DFM analysis goes beyond the minimal design rule compliance checks and gives you the ability to quickly identify and correct all potential manufacturing problems.


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Use DFMStream’s analysis tools help to identify:


·         Less than minimal spacing between design objects including pads, tracks, copper, drills, vias of all types including blind, buried, laser and back drilled

·         Less than minimal annular rings of pad, copper or mask

·         Less than minimal spacing between SMD or Through hole pads or parts

·         Copper and mask slivers and pin holes

·         Acid traps, solder bridge potential, isolated or starved thermal reliefs or trace antennas

·         Minimal mask spacing, missing paste, missing solder mask, extra mask areas or poor mask to pad ratios

·         Overlapping, coincidental or redundant drills, mill path errors and poor drill to board thickness ratio.

The DFMstream200 Bundle includes CAM350-155 – Mid-Level Design Analysis

CAM350 is the industry de-facto standard for verification, optimisation and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication.


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