AEC Collection Webinar | Coordination & Clash Detection with Navisworks

Are you a BIM manager or are you currently working in an AEC Collection? Even if you are only taking your first glance at a BIM integrated environment and thinking about what an AEC Collection could do for you, we have something which could help.

Autodesk Webinar

AEC Collection Essentials:
Model Coordination and Clash Detection with Navisworks

December 9, 2020 at 3pm UK.


Autodesk is broadcasting the webinar AEC Collection Essentials: Model Coordination and Clash Detection with Navisworks on December 9, 2020 at 3pm UK. This webinar will show BIM and VDC managers how to get started using Navisworks to control project outcomes and reduce rework.

It will also give anyone who is considering making the move to a collection a little more understanding of some of the benefits of the package.

The webinar is absolutely free and will cover

  • Coordinating a variety of file formats in one comprehensive application.
  • Combining design data from multiple trades into a single, integrated project model.
  • Using Clash Detective to identify, inspect, and report clashes in a 3D project model
  • An introduction to the time-saving automation and cloud capabilities of BIM 360

software usage


This graphic above shows the amount of software on average which is not being utilised within collections. If, as an industry, we can work productively within 17% of the available software. Imagine the possibilities if we harnessed more of that power. In the age of technology, we have software which works with you the users. Take your first step towards a more productive working environment by discovering the power of the AEC Collection!

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