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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions – if your question doesn’t feature contact us and we are happy to advise. Autodesk  – Frequently Asked Questions How much does Inventor cost? Autodesk Inventor can be a very cost-effective option for many businesses but it will also depend upon whether you are looking for networked licenses and …

A New Starter and a New Normal: Starting a New Job during Lockdown

Starting a new job can be incredibly overwhelming. There are new colleagues to get to know, a different boss to work with and the role itself to get to grips with. Starting a new job during lockdown means, new starters are not just isolated from their entire team, but they’re also having to navigate a new role with nobody around.

economic resilience

How does Manufacturing Contribute to UK Economic Resilience?

Manufacturing retains a distinctively valuable and important role for the UK in economic, political, cultural, technological and cultural terms. But how does a strong Manufacturing Industry Contribute towards a strong economic recovery and resilience?

Remote Working | Backing up your data while working from home

Backing up your data is always important. However, during this Pandemic, this process may be overlooked if there is no-one left in your office to change backup devices or if data is being created locally on home computers.

pcb design

Top 3 Reasons why PCB design outsourcing could be good for business

When people talk about outsourcing any element of any business, people often think of the negative associated connotations, lack of control, job losses, a reduction in quality. etc.etc

But the benefits of outsourcing are rarely as widely heralded. We thought we’d have a look at the top three reason people and businesses benefit from outsourcing.

Three reasons why IPC Certification should be on your training wishlist

It’s that time of year again. Yearly performance appraisals, staff planning and looking to the year ahead. But are you and your team ready for the new year? Do you have the in-house skills available? Are your team ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead in 2019? Is IPC Certification on your training …