Quadra Solutions are CAD and PCB Design Solutions Providers. We work with customers to provide advice and strategies to streamline their businesses. We blog about CAD design for the manufacturing, construction and engineering industries. We love talking all things BIM 3D design and we also blog about electronic design, PCB design and electronic design training and good practice.

Quadra Assurance Technical Support

Quadra Assurance | Frequently Asked Questions

What does Quadra Assurance Technical Support cover? Quadra Assurance Technical Support covers everything from upgrades of your software, troubleshooting, critical failures to hardware and licensing issues. How quickly are Quadra Assurance technical issues dealt with? Our aim is to respond to all of our support cases within an hour. We track and measure our response …

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whats new for autocad 20221

What’s New for AutoCAD 2022 | On-Demand Webinar

What’s New for AutoCAD 2022 |  In this webinar we shall be taking you through the different toolsets AutoCAD has to offer and summarise what tasks they are best suited for. The webinar is divided into three categories; CAD Automations – looking at how the toolsets can help improve your workflows; Seamless Connections – identifying …

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pcb prototyping

Why use Outsourced PCB Prototyping Services?

Outsourcing services to experienced and talented teams, like ours at Quadra, will save you time and money. Our PCB prototyping services remove your frustrations and prevent feelings of stress as we guide you through the process as expertly as we can.

But what if you are an established manufacturer with a continuous production line, broad in-house capabilities to manufacture fully populated PCB’s and have the resources to create your own BOM and manage the process from start to finish?

You’ll still benefit, and here’s how.

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