CADSTAR Redlining – Track, Annotate and Approve

By mickdpi

CADSTAR 18 saw the launch of a new feature giving users the ability to annotate, track & ultimately approve design direction input dynamically to CADSTAR SCH or PCB – Welcome to CADSTAR Redlining!

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Being able to track changes and instructions from your design team within the CADSTAR suite of tools adds a new level of functionality that greatly improves trace-ability when undertaking a mid or post development design audit.  Rather than providing ancillary notes to your designers during development, all input from the design team can be collated and saved within the CADSTAR files themselves. Whether it is layout specific input or schematic specific input, it is recorded, time-stamped and can be marked as approved once agreed.


Of course this is bi-directional; the layout engineer can also use the redlining utility to provide input to the rest of the team as to why he or she decided to route in a particular way. This clarification means that the designer can highlight  the restrictions within the design environment, many of which may not be obvious to the reviewer.  This can be particularly useful when the design team operates across different time zones and offices.


Comprehensive reports can be generated at any stage of the design and in conjunction with a solid methodology of archiving, CADSTAR Redlining provides users with an integrated change tracker as well as saveable reports for PLM integration. Both of which can contribute to a smoother ISO9001 audit.


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