CADSTAR, Let’s talk efficient circuit replication

CADSTAR is a well-established EDA tool with a comprehensive, generous feature list even at the entry-level license option.


This month I want to talk about efficient circuit replication and how CADSTAR can easily replicate circuit blocks, providing a quicker path to completion, an increase in productivity and a reduction in possible errors. In just a few easy steps we are able to quickly replicate circuit placement and tracking.

Starting with a completed donor circuit, group the devices and select the replicate circuit. The next stage is to define your required matrix in the replicate circuit dialogue and click ok.

Once this has been completed transfer the circuit to a routing environment. Then window selects the copper elements, copy them and paste them onto the awaiting placed circuits.

Please note: You do not have to be accurate with the paste feature as the routing tool will snap the copper elements onto the pins for you. It also ‘intuitively’ inherits the net name from the pin automatically, saving time and effort.

Or Click here to watch it on YouTube.

For more information about the capabilities of CADSTAR PCB Design software click here

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