How to set up your Autodesk Account – User Management

This guide is for administrators who want to add, assign and manage users all from within their Autodesk account

  • invite and export users
  • assign users to products
  • add or change primary and secondary admins

After signing in to use Autodesk account “select by user” in the left navigation under user management, here you can view and manage users. To add new users click on invite users. You can invite users individually or multiple users at a time by either typing or copying and pasting their email contacts, each separated by a semicolon.

Setting up users

If you have a large number of users, you can also set these up using a CSV and uploading them in bulk. Go to import and select “upload CSV file”, this allows you to uploads up to 5,000 users. You can continue working whilst the file is uploading and notification will display once it is complete.

Once new users are invited, they will receive an email with steps for them to get started setting up their new Autodesk account. If you are on a premium plan., users can automatically be added once single sign-on is enabled.

You can also export your user list and include any additional information you require from in your account, such as your subscription list or usage data.

Assign Products

Once you have your list of users you will want to assign them to products. There are three ways to do this:

  • first you can click on an individual user and assign them access to products and customise their product assignment.
  • Secondly, “by product” update by product and you can see how many subscriptions per product and how many users are assigned to subscriptions.
  • finally – you assign users by uploading a CSV file. This option is recommended if you need to assign a large number of users to the same product. When you upload your CSV file from here you will automatically send new users an invite to create their account and assign them product access.

For existing users,  you will be assigned product access only.

Bulk Assign

With bulk assign, you still have the access to customise the product assignment that will apply to full list you upload.

Once users are assigned to new products they will receive a product confirmation with the products they are assigned and steps to get started. They will also see there is assigned products in their Autodesk account.

When assigning users, you will also see when you reach the full number of subscriptions being used and cant assign more users to that product.

Roles of primary and secondary admins

Primary and secondary admins can manage users and software, view usage reports, manage subscriptions and contracts all within their Autodesk account. There can only be one primary admin per account.  You can create as many secondary admins as you would like.

Primary admins can also change secondary admins. Primary admins can be reassigned by any other secondary admin in the Autodesk account.

With a premium plan, you can also assign a single sign-on admin with the same user capabilities as secondary admin.

All others are automatically designated as User. If you want to change the primary admin, or add or change secondary admins click on by the user. Click on change role under the individual’s name to designate that user.

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