Autodesk Account Service is Changing

Autodesk Account Service is changing!

The service is expected to work more effectively and especially for those with subscription licenses.

The new service:

  • has Identity-Based Access
  • includes intuitive controls
  • gives better performance
  • gives users fewer activation issues
  • is GDPR Compliant

Impact for Subscribers | single users

New subscriber
with single users
Existing Subscribers
with single-user access
New and existing customers who switch to subscription will have improved experience automaticallyExisting subscribers with single-user access will be migrated by 2020
Activation is done by signing inMigrated customers will receive an email notification about changes
New User Management 

Impact for Subscribers | multi -users

New & existing subscribers
with multi-user access
Customers on Mainatenance
No impact – because users are not assigned individuallyNo impact – unless switching to single user

Subscription Set up Process

1 – COPE (Customer Order processed email) is received

2 – Get started email

3 – Sign in to Autodesk account

4 – Review products and subscriptions

5 – Set up users

6 – Download the product

7 – Install the product

8 – Start using the product

Autodesk Account now has a new view

CM – Controls billing – usually the same person as the primary admin

PA – Primary admins can assign users to software and services in Autodesk Account where users are managed in the new view.

SA – The secondary admin is assigned by the primary admin, or another secondary admin, to help manage users and their access to software.

User – The person who is using the software

Changes to your current Autodesk Account set -up

Autodesk Account is changing

 – admin changes are now
managed by the end-user

 – only the designated contract manager will receive billing notices

 – if the primary admin needs to receive the billing information, a change must be done

 – serial numbers are no longer required for a customer to activate

 – we now use subscription id as an identifier and for organisation .


How do I know if the customer is the CM of the primary admin?

  • in most instances, the CM and the primary admin are the same
  • it is recommended to adds secondary admin instead of changing the primary admin
  • The CM will not be changed in the system unless it is manually done so by partners or client services through normal practices.

Managing renewals

Email notifications from Autodesk at 90 days, 45 days and 30 days before expiration.

We will call you/ email throughout the renewal period as your reseller or if you need to discuss you can call us on 01254 301888

Things to consider at renewal stage

Check user management to evaluate your needs

  • do you have any new starters coming soon?
  • do you have any unused seats?
  • are any users leaving the project?

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