10 things you need to know about the AutoCAD Web App

AutoCAD Web App overview transcript

Hello, my name is Paul Hewitt, and today we’re going to have a look at the AutoCAD Web app. But firstly, why use the AutoCAD Web app? Well, it means anywhere access when you’re outside of the office, doesn’t matter what machine you use, it doesn’t matter what’s installed on that machine. All you need is Internet access and to use a Web browser. So quite simply, the AutoCAD Web app lets you view, edit and create all in a browser, and anywhere.

Here are the 10 things you need to know about the AutoCAD Web App.

1. Visual Fidelity

The Web interface looks exactly the same as your desktop interface. As you can see here side by side, we’ve got the Web app on the left-hand side and your normal AutoCAD view on the right-hand side, the drawing itself looks exactly the same. OK, some of the icons may be slightly different, but pretty much the same as what you’d be using on the desktop. Signing in couldn’t be any simpler. Just choose your favourite browser, head off towards web.auotcad.com and sign in using your Autodesk ID.

The Web app interface makes it so much easier – file management, including uploading, creating new folders and drawings and even the recognisable icons. You’re drafting tools are all there –  arcs, lines and circles, pylons and even hatching. In the annotates section, you can use the measuring tools, revision clouds dimension up your drawings and Mtext and Mleader is all there. And obviously, we need to modify our drawings and as you can see it is an extensive list of modification commands.

2.  Cloud-based Storage

Not just your Autodesk drive, but Dropbox Box, Google Drive and one drive, all of the icons are there, you just select which ones you want to add and it’ll be added to your storage.

3. Easy access to model and layout tabs

Just create new layouts to meet your needs. In the app, you can move swiftly between views, whether they be model tabs or layout tabs. In the same position, we’ve also got properties, select an item and see all of the properties.

4. Command line

your trusty command line is there exactly the same as if it’s in the desktop for you. So just like on your desktop as you type it will suggest the command you’re expecting. Keyboard shortcuts work exactly the same, escape, undo and more.

5. Layers

They are all there, you have the ability to lock your layers. Turn your lights on or off. Creating new layers couldn’t be easier, just select the ‘create new’ and give the name of the layer.

All the settings are easy to get to – just underneath the icon in the top right. All your drafting settings down at the bottom of the screen coordinates, OSNAPs, ORTHO, polar etc.

6. SNAP overrides

We all need to override those object SNAPs – right-click on your mouse to set them.

7. Blocks and Xreferences

We all need these. The block palette, as you see, in AutoCAD on the desktop, is also available in the Web app. Xreference support, just like as you do on the desktop.

8. Move smoothly between all of the applications.

You can move your drawings between web, mobile and desktop really simply. Saving back to your desktop is just as easy, you save or save us and save back to web and mobile and save to your cloud provider.

9. Communicate with others, plot to PDF

10. it’s all part of your AutoCAD subscription

Just log in web.AutoCAD.com using your Autodesk ID.


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