6 Reasons why you should be using BIM 360 on your next project

BIM 360 is a unified platform connecting your project teams and data in real-time, from design through construction, supporting informed decision-making.

1. Easy Collaboration between Revit users

With cloud-based construction document management like BIM 360, the process runs more smoothly. Everyone on the job site automatically has access to the latest version, and any comments made to the document set are sent out automatically to everyone who needs the new information. This dramatically reduces rework (and therefore, of course, cost) and improves construction speed.

Sharing and collaborating with models is easier than with drawing sets, as there are a lot of functions that are possible only through a digital workflow. Much of this added project-management functionality is now being delivered in the cloud, such as Autodesk’s BIM 360 solutions. Here, there are tools for different disciplines to share their complex project models and coordinate integration with their peers. Review and markup steps ensure that everyone has had input on the evolution of the design and that they are all ready to execute when the concept is finalized and moves forward in construction.

2. Full understanding of the project development

In a paper environment, these notes are unlikely to survive to the next version of the documents, especially any that he or she wrote for private use. Unless the Superintendent takes the time to sit down and transfer the notes meticulously to the new version, all that valuable site information can be lost.

In a digital environment, however, a superintendent can make notes directly on the documents and carry them over automatically when the document is updated. Likewise, he or she can make notes visible to any project team members who need to see them, and those will also carry over. When an issue has been resolved, those comments can be closed and removed from future versions of the documents — but, importantly, maintained as a record in earlier versions.

Revit BIM models3. Full control of reference material

The digital-model-based workflow involves aids such as autosave and connections to project history so that users can be certain they’ve captured their time spent working on the model. The connection to the version history of the model’s evolution can help you avoid disastrous disappearances or corruption of files that can make blood boil and impinge productivity.

4. With BIM360 all backup is saved

Having a model that’s tied to a database is an added benefit of BIM, granting you a great deal of intelligence at your fingertips. Combining this capability with the cloud, as with Autodesk BIM 360 Build software, means that you have access to the model and project details from anywhere, on any device.

5. None technical users are always up to date

With all of the design completed on capture and alteration of existing reality, the model is the ultimate communication tool to convey the project scope, steps, and outcome. The fact that the design is fully 3D also means that there are fewer steps to render impressive views and fly-throughs that can be used to sell commercial space or to gain necessary regulatory approvals. This keeps non-technical users in the loop and updated with plans.

6. BIM 360 enables faster workflows and more controlled workflows

With a model and an accurate set of submodels for each phase during construction, the next step is a coordinated sequencing of steps, materials, and crews for a more efficient construction process. Complete with animations, the model facilitates the coordination of steps and processes, delivering a predictable path to the expected outcome.

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