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Top 3 Reasons why PCB design outsourcing could be good for business

When people talk about outsourcing any element of any business, people often think of the negative associated connotations, lack of control, job losses, a reduction in quality. etc.etc

But the benefits of outsourcing are rarely as widely heralded. We thought we’d have a look at the top three reason people and businesses benefit from outsourcing.

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Could Software Leasing work for you?

Could Software Leasing work for you?   With 5.6M SMEs (firms with 0-249 employees) in the UK, representing 99.9% of all businesses, employing 24.3m people and delivering 51% of gross turnover, the importance of SMEs to our economy cannot be underestimated. However, in a recent Federation of Small Business (FSB) survey, it was suggested that access to …

Scanning New Horizons with ISPAS

When ISPAS were developing their revolutionary new sea-surface oil detection system they chose to partner with Quadra to provide their PCB design needs. But in doing so, they were able to dramatically reduce product delivery timescales, enabling them to bring their product to market earlier than expected. Detecting and then quickly acting upon oil spillages …