Maintenance to Subscription (M2S)

Autodesk Moving to Subscription Business Model

Autodesk has received feedback from customers that managing two different business models is costly and complex, and that they would like the option of a single licensing environment. Autodesk only offer new subscription licenses. Autodesk now have a compelling offer for our Maintenance Plan customers to switch to subscription – at a discounted rate!


What is happening to Maintenance Plans?

There are no plans to discontinue Maintenance Plans or the permanent licenses they’re attached to. Maintenance renewals will still be available on an annual basis but it will cost more than a new license of the equivalent. All of the existing entitlements, updates to core products etc will still be available to Maintenance Plan Users, as well as Subscription customers.

By switching to subscription, customers will have:

  • Latest and greatest product capabilities immediately
  • Access to Autodesk’s ongoing stream of innovation, updates to core products, cloud services for desktop products, and additional capabilities as soon as they are available, at no additional cost.
  • Access to new Industry Collections
  • Installation support from Autodesk
  • Cloud connected services
  • Product Updates and compliancy
  • Simplified administration
  • Access tools that streamline deployment and software management

Switching means you are effectively ‘Trading-in’, the perpetual license for a better or equivalent product on Subscription. So clearly this needs to be an informed decision. Please note that the cost to switch will rise by approx. 5% each year. So the earlier you switch, the lower the price you can secure.  



What we suggest...

– When your Maintenance Plan is up for renewal – consider switching immediately to a subscription.

– The best and most cost effective time to switch is this year and enjoy a significant discount off a new subscription.

– Transform and simplify your license management by converting to a single subscription licensing model.

For more information about the cost of switching and the options available to you  

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