AutoCAD Raster Design

AutoCAD Raster Design

AutoCAD Raster Design software enables businesses to easily re-use existing digital data by allowing direct manipulation of raster imagery inside of a standard AutoCAD file using a powerful raster manipulation toolset which includes; raster line to vector conversion, OCR recognition to convert text to vector, rubber banding of digital imagery and other image processing tools.

Use raster design tools in a specialized toolset to edit scanned drawings and convert raster images to DWG™ objects.  Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design 2022 software delivers the power of raster image manipulation inside of selected AutoCAD software for customers that need to work with legacy scanned paper drawings, maps or other digital imagery inside a CAD environment.

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Raster Design features

Corridor data shortcut

Corridor data shortcut

Create data shortcuts for corridors so other drawings can reference them. When data shortcuts are created for a corridor, shortcuts are also created for the alignments and profiles that make up the corridor baselines. Save the geometry of a reference surface in the drawing that contains the data shortcut reference and create multiple data shortcut references at once.


Advanced roundabout design

Advanced roundabout design

AutoCAD Civil 3D now offers integrated roundabout-related features from Vehicle Tracking swept path analysis software (US site), so you can create a new type of roundabout object. In addition, you can now bring InfraWorks 360 roundabout designs into Civil 3D drawings.

Design with InfraWorks 360

Design with InfraWorks 360

Accelerate the civil design process using workflows that take advantage of interoperability with InfraWorks (US site) 360. Develop plans and estimates at the appropriate level of detail to help confirm scope, budget and schedule. Better predict how project alternatives will perform within the context of the existing environment and communicate more effectively to stakeholders.

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