Advance Steel

Advance Steel detailing software built on the familiar AutoCAD platform.

Structural engineering professionals use the software to help accelerate design, steel detailing, steel fabrication and steel construction.

Advance Steel helps improve accuracy, reduces time to fabrication and enables a more connected Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow.


Product Features

Parametric steel connections

Parametric steel connections

Extensive parametric connections library.

Steel shop drawings

Steel shop drawings

Generate more accurate drawings for fabrication.

Bi-directional link with Revit

Bi-directional link with Revit

Help speed time to fabrication with model synchronisation with Revit.




  • Parametric connections

    Model steel faster with a library of ready-to-use connections.

  • Steel shop drawings

    Use customisable templates to generate high-quality drawings.

  • Revit interoperability

    Use a BIM process from design to fabrication.

  • Fabrication data information

    Get access to fabrication data information.

  • Repeat Last command

    Save productivity and clicks

  • Intelligent structural objects

    Model faster with an object library and wizards.

  • Parametric steel connections

    Extensive parametric connections library.

  • Built-in connection design engine

    Check steel connection design in real time.

  • Stairs, railings and cage ladders

    Model miscellaneous steel work more quickly.

  • Sheet metal and folded plate work

    Quickly create the folded elements of any shape.

  • Weld definition properties

    User-defined or automatic weld symbols.

  • Select and view parts of a model

    Isolate and display selected elements.

  • Model-based approval workflow

    Colour code objects based on approval status.

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